Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We discover Al Borland's favourite shop

You remember Al Borland, don't you? Tim the Toolman Taylor's hapless assistant on Home Improvement? Well, this week we found his favourite shop, which happens to be just around the corner on Route 7.

Note the cow - the real cows are, for the most part, in barns.

The outside of the shop looks a little mad:

It even has its own covered bridge:

Note the flannel bunting

But the inside ...well, let's say we both stood there with our mouths open.

There were flannel shirts and trousers, and flannel underwear and hats. There were flannel bathrobes and scarves and throws and jackets. There was simple flannel and patchwork flannel.
Bruce tries to resist

But is overcome by the Power that is Flannel
However, I was the one who came home with an elegant pair of flannel pjs - in something approaching the MacKay tartan no less!


  1. Bruce went to a flannel shop and didn't buy anything? Also, did he get a replacement hat yet?

  2. I know - I thought it was a 'resistance is futile' kind of shop, myself. He's just afraid of being mistaken for Al. Akubra is ordered from Australia and is on its way. He's coping without it (just!).