Friday, August 2, 2013

One of the places I love: The farm

When Bruce bought these 12 acres, about 15 years ago, it was bare land except for 5 large old pine trees. Over the years he has collected seed, grown seedlings in our back garden, and planted out hundreds of trees. When the girls were small he would take them out in a backpack to help him collect the seed. Now it's a place of beauty, and when I walk there I think "every plant and tree was grown by Bruce". We even have an orchard, though the possums have been stealing all the fruit.

It's a place of family memories. We get our Christmas tree from here, we often go out there on Christmas Day or Boxing Day with the whole family and our picnic baskets and bottles of wine. When we return from Vermont, my hope is that we will plant a small cottage on this land, so we can stay there in weekends. Last summer it was so lovely out there that every time we visited I thought "I want to wake up here". Perhaps in Vermont we will get ideas about what that cottage should look like.

                           Anna's photo of an expedition to get the family Christmas tree

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