Friday, August 23, 2013

Dee's lake house

To get to our cottage, you drive for about 20 minutes south of Burlington, on the Shelburne Road, and turn off at North Ferrisburgh, and venture down Green Bush Road and through this avenue of trees. Woodland on either sides makes way for this:

Dee's lake cottage is set amongst the trees at Long Point, a settlement of mainly vacation homes nestled in around the lake. It has the feeling of a well appointed bach: it's comfortable but not flash. It's bigger than it looks from the outside: I think we could fit another 4 people in here quite comfortably (come and visit!). This side of the cottage is designed for people to sit looking out towards the lake and the mountains.

 On the other side is a deck looking out over woodland,

where we are sharing the garden with a host of little creatures.

The girls have settled into the downstairs bedroom:

While our bed is so big and high, I have to get into it via a small stepladder!

There is much that is new here.

And so many opportunities to play:

And to simply sit by the water's edge in a great hat. 

But my thoughts are turning to the work ahead. Tomorrow we shall visit Shelburne Farms as one last day off. In retrospect, it was probably not realistic to expect to land in Burlington on Friday and start work on Monday (you reckon?). Getting over the flight, and sorting out the issues has taken longer than we expected (a full three days to buy a car!). But with the main issues resolved -  car bought, insurance arranged, piano purchased, and Bruce's office set up - and school starting next week, we will start to settle into a working rhythm.

I am, however, thinking Bruce and I might spend some of our lunchtimes, when the girls are back at school, kayaking on the lake.

One last sunset picture, because I haven't yet stopped marvelling at the sun on the lake, framed by the misty mountains.


  1. Your new home looks amazing! So wish we could come and visit. Love to you all x