Sunday, August 18, 2013


We wake up to the perfect blue summer's day. The Hotel Vermont is a five minute walk to Lake Champlain

The walk along the lake front is stunning, with the Adirondack mountains as a back drop.

The hotel is also a five minute walk to the city centre, which teems with life, street theatre, and people just sitting in the sun drinking fresh lemonade.

And then just five minutes in another direction is the Farmers' Market:

We did try the wine, but...well, we're kiwis and we have high expectations where wine is concerned.

But we did like the name of the winery. All is all, though, Burlington was a delight. We sat in the sun at the market and looked forward to the afternoon, when we were going down, at last, to the cottage in North Ferrisburgh.

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  1. Wonderful to know you're over the jet lag, settling in well, and enjoying exploring your new environment.

    Lizzy, I don't know what you were eating in that last photograph, but it looks as if it had broccoli in it ;^P

    All good here. Days are lengthening, weather warming up (sporadically), and we have lambs ('Oh, they're so cute!')