Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ferrisburgh Central School

The day had finally arrived: the girls' first day at the new school. They had been counting the sleeps - and so had we. Because it was the first day, we took them into school.

Em is saying "Muuum! You're embarrassing me!!!"
Just like Hogwarts ('but without the Sorting hat, or the ghosts, or the magic feast', said Em sardonically), school started with an assembly in the big hall.

The girls were quickly absorbed into the chaos:

We headed off to our suddenly quiet house. What a wonderful peace! We worked hard all morning, had morning tea in the garden, with the chipmunks and the birds, and at lunchtime went kayaking around the bay (yes, really - I did!). Then more work in the afternoon - how amazing it is to be able to concentrate: I can't remember when I was last able to do that. At 3pm we wandered over to the park, to see our girls come home on the yellow school bus. We waited and waited. Here they were at last.

They had had a good day. However, our hope that school  would soak up some of Lizzy's crazy energy was unfounded: she didn't stop talking for the rest of the day. "Well", she explained, " because I'm new I have had to be the quiet one all day, and so now I just have to roar!".

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