Thursday, September 5, 2013

This morning's walk

Every morning, I try to take a walk - and I make it most days. Walking was a challenge in the heat of the last week, but now that the mornings are cooler, it is all pleasure. Every morning I see something new.

These webs are everywhere
And they hold hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny grubs. What are they?
Houses are tucked into the farmland in the shadow of Mount Philo
and there are red barns in the farm yards
Cows seem to be a theme in Vermont
There are critters at my feet
And wherever I walk, Lake Champlain, with the shadowy Adirondack Mountains behind it, is a constant companion.


  1. I feel like i've been on a walk with you, Muma.

  2. Soon perhaps!
    I love red barns so photogenic!] and so looking forward to seeing your photos of the fall colours ... meanwhile, back here, my first freesias are flowering ...