Friday, September 6, 2013

The end of summer?

The weather changes quickly here. For over two weeks we've had temperatures of around 29 degrees almost every day, with only a few degrees drop in temperature at night. Then a few days ago, a huge night thunderstorm, which lit up the lake, cooled the air, and we had the sense that Fall was on its way. This morning the temperature was 3 degrees; the air as crisp and dry as frost. I looked out of my bedroom window and saw the rising sun over the mountains.

Still in my pjs (note to self: buy warmer sleepwear!) I dashed downstairs, grabbed the camera, and ran over to the lake. To this.

I was there for only a minute or two. By the time I turned back to the cottage, the mist was rolling away.

Time to put the kettle on and wake up the girls for school.

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