Sunday, September 29, 2013

Season of mists....and zombies

The season is changing: warm days and cool evenings mean that each morning the lake is swathed in mist. The Canada geese are calling out to each other as they plan their trip south, and I love to listen to them argue and encourage one another, as they get ready for their flight. .

Our cottage sits among the fall foliage, and the chipmunks and squirrels are especially busy now, storing away seeds and nuts for the winter.

So, Saturday seemed like the perfect day to experience another Vermont Fall tradition: the annual Zombie run.

Just to enter the stadium, we had to sign a waiver relieving the organizers of responsibility for any injuries,  including drowning and bites by wild animals.

It was a full day affair, with teams of runners arriving at different times, and engaging in a cross country run while trying to avoid the zombies.

There didn't appear to be winners and losers, but everyone seemed to be having fun!

After that excitement, we took to the highway to take Grandma and Grandad to see Barre and Montpelier, where we might have lived. Barre (pronounced Barry) is home to the biggest granite quarry in the US.

We went on a tour of this remarkable place, in a yellow school bus.

And sandblasted our own piece of granite:

Afterwards, we visited the Hope Cemetery, where the mostly Italian and Spanish granite workers had sculpted their own memorials

The trip to Montpelier was a poignant moment for my parents:

And so we headed home, taking a winding road through the mountains, where the Fall colours take your breath away, and on the way home stopped to pick out some pumpkins to decorate our deck.


  1. What a thrill to have your Mum and Dad there to visit Lisa!

    1. Yes, it's lovely to have them here, Jacqui