Friday, November 15, 2013

Preparing for winter: The wood stack

As preparations for winter have gathered pace, Bruce has developed a warm affection for local wood stacks. They are everywhere - on decks, in specially designed parts of houses, on the outside of garages, in orchards, and fields. Some wood stacks are vast and seem almost to swamp the house they serve: others are tiny constructions in the crevices of buildings and trees. Some are stacked with terrifying precision; others are jumbled anyway you please. Vermont wood stacks may be packed in blocks, or constructed in circles, or thrown in a heap. 

So, for the last few weeks, Bruce has been recording his passion for the Vermont wood stack. He has performed sudden u-turns, screeched to unexpected halts, and even taken special trips (by car and ferry) in pursuit of particular or rumoured wood stacks. 

And so, in this photo essay, we celebrate ....drum roll please...The Wood Stacks of Vermont.

Long Point

Shelburne forest

Our neighbour's precision stacking particularly appeals to Bruce

Creative use of space....

Bruce's favourite circular constructions: at Charlotte

Shelburne Farms does everything on a grand scale: one of several huge wood stacks.

Where else could this be than Saratoga?

Ripton. this had to be seen to be believed. every part of the deck and garage were stacked with wood, head high. Clearly they were anticipating a difficult winter.

Creative house design: Northeast Kingdom

just across the lake - New York State

According to Bruce, this wood stack is LIT UP at night

A true work of art

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