Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Silver and gold

Our girls are allergic to many things: walking uphill, wearing dresses, and eating unusual food are high on their list of things they would prefer to avoid right now. So, the plan for last week didn't look promising to them.

"A wedding!? Cool! But wait... does that mean I have to wear a dress?" This from Em, who, given the choice, would live in Canterbury pants and her beloved flannel shirt (see photo #7 below). "We are, " I said firmly, "going to celebrate the love of two people. You will respect that by wearing a dress and being cheerful about it." "Whateeever" she muttered as she flounced up the stairs.

It was, on many levels, an unusual wedding. "See - one of the brides isn't wearing a dress," hissed Emily, "I knew she wouldn't."  The readings were - shall we say, idiosyncratic. And brilliant. My favourite was how falling in love is like owning a dog by Taylor Mali (and just as an aside - all you teachers need to watch this by Taylor Mali). The food was vegan and utterly delicious. The wedding cake was unlike any other I've seen, a Norwegian tower, sweet and almondy - I can't imagine the intricacy of making this.

The happy couple - partners of 20 years -  had been married twice before, but this was the first time it was legal. And it was a delight to hear someone say, with a laugh and joy in her voice,  "I take you - again".

Congratulations! Thank you, Susanmarie, Ellen and Sofia, for sharing your special day with us.

So, the next day: hiking up hill. I didn't actually realise we would be walking uphill.  "Don't be silly" I said to the girls, "we're going to walk to a lake. So it can't be up hill. It will be a nice, easy stroll." My daughters will never trust anything I say again.

We started off at Lake Dunmore, about a half hour drive south from the cottage.

We walked to the Falls of Lana (doesn't that sound like something out of Harry Potter??). Not too steep so far.

And then up and up through the golden forest.

 The girls needed plenty of rest stops.

But eventually we got there: Silver Lake.

It was one of the loveliest places I've ever seen. Sunlight lit the lake to silver, edged by golden trees.

And then (because I like torturing my children) further up, and up some more to the look-out at the top of the hill.

After such exertion, the girls naturally needed sugar - so we headed down to the antiques shop in Brandon.

Along route 7, the fall decorations are turning towards Halloween.

Home again in the late afternoon, Grandad built a fire.

and we made s'mores  (our first attempt at this American tradition).

We definitely need to make these more often. They're a sticky business, but well worth the effort - like all good things

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  1. It was so wonderful to have you with us! Thanks for celebrating with all of us.